HellCats x DystopAI writing competition

By Brendan Woodward

It is with both careful deliberation and much joy that we’d like to announce that @RPMISO9#1940 is the winner of the HellCats x DystopAI writing competition — congratulations!

@RPMISO9’s effort was the first and ultimately deemed to be the best effort. Here it is again in its full glory:

“John quickly turned the corner, hoping to find any sign of human life amidst the grey rubble of destroyed concrete buildings surrounding him. Fire continued to rain above, streaks of red against smoke. Did humans deserve this for their sins? Yet John could not help looking down from the sky. For what stood before him, towering above the landscape, was the Harbinger of Destruction: the HellHound. John’s eyes locked into the glowing eyes of the beast, with snarling teeth, onyx and orange skin, and sharp horns protruding from his shoulders. John knew then that Earth had a new master.”

As a reward for his legendary effort, @RPMISO9 will as promised, be receiving an ultra-unique 1/1 HellCats x DystopAI NFT, and here it is in its full glory:

What is dystopAI?

dystopAI is an innovative NFT project soon to mint on the Terra blockchain. They use an AI art generator to create a vivid, apocalyptic world based on stories.

Post-mint, their community will be able to explore and change their world, voting on one community-submitted story each day — their AI will then create an NFT that’ll go to auction, with the proceeds split between the story proposer, and the dystopAI community.

Check out their Discord for more info: https://discord.gg/gv8EDj6kCQ



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